The Essentials I MUST have:


I’ve often been known for wearing some wild socks and further more not having them match. I just don’t really care to pair them up with thier respected partner. I like variety.

Deadlifting – Long CrossFit style socks. Usually stripped or even better super bright and Tye-dye like the ones I am wearing in this picture. I did this long before I ever knew it was thier standard attire. As common as Chuck Taylor’s or black spandex lifting shorts, the socks on women reign supreme. But I’ve worn them like that for as long as I can remember. I wear them to keep warm even under my jeans with my high boots and when I was in high school we had to have them to pull up over our skin guards . . . .so overtime I’ve aquired QUITE the collection. Probably anywhere from 30  to 40 pairs.

Cardio (or any non-strength training day) – cropped colorful or printed socks. These little juvenile foot warms can be found anywhere from Target to Forever21 and beyond. Sometimes you can find a 3 pack with the same color theme and that is where I take one with blue dogs on it and pair it with a blue stripped one and – VOILA! I feel like a million bucks.

Silly, I know . . but even if no one can see them I feel better just having them on.


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